After a long time of silence life had begun to stir!

On a visit to Turkey

ATC AIR TRADE CENTRE BV – During the pandemic everyone has become aware of the importance of ventilation in our society. The increasing energy prices drive us to develop an energy-conscious product with attention for the environment. It is our duty to discuss the demands of the Belgian market with our R&D and production; this direct line makes ATC unique as a manufacturer of HVAC products. Last week, after a long wait due to COVID-19, we could finally visit our factory in Izmir and our office in Istanbul. Combined with a visit to the ISK-SODEX, it was a more than successful trip for our Belgian team.

FACTORY IZMIR – In the factory we design and assemble our products according to European standards. Project specific designs or a unit of our range, with or without regulation, from steel plate to finished product. The constant pursuit of perfection in the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solutions is central to ATC Air Trade Centre. Uniquely, we are directly present in the Belgian market, this makes us extremely flexible in our design and production process, we are always open to suggestions. Before delivery, all our products are tested extensively so that we are not faced with surprises afterwards.


MAIN OFFICE ISTANBUL – “Istanbul is the new cool” says the slogan on TV, yet our head office has been there for more than 15 years. In the heart of this historic and thriving city where building is a daily business, we select your projects to suit your needs. Escalating transport prices, rising prices for raw materials – the solution must not miss its target… With know-how, we advise each customer individually in his projects and adjust where necessary in consultation. Both the people in Belgium and Turkey attach great importance to long-term good cooperation between manufacturer and installer. Every day questioning and feedback is important in this fast-growing market. Besides the technical department, the management, marketing, administration and local sales are also housed in the same building in Istanbul.

ISK-SODEX ISTANBUL – Contrary to expectations, the attendance at the ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2021 was a great success. The search for healthy indoor climate solutions, which was gaining momentum all over the world, won out over the pandemic for once, resulting in more visitors than the 2019 edition. For our Belgian team, it was a unique opportunity to also visit some of our suppliers and confront them with the adapted needs of our market. Prices, energy efficiency and environment are more than ever a hot topic. Also, on our stand it was busy answering questions, with as eye-catcher the renewed design of our AirPure purifier.

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