The only indispensable criterion in the design of our Air Handling Units;
are your project needs with our production and engineering quality!

  • Eurovent Certified
  • 50 mm Sandwich Panel
  • 150 kg/m³ Rock Wool Insulation
  • A1 Fire Class
  • 0.8 mm galvanized internal sheet metal
    0.8 mm powder coated galvanized external sheet metal
  • T2 Thermal Conductivity
  • TB2 Thermal Bridging Factor
  • D1 Mechanical strength of casing
  • L1 Casing Air Leakage (-400Pa, +700Pa)

ATC Air Handling Units’ panels have galvanized internal sheet metal and painted galvanized external sheet metal as standard. Besides there are different panel options such as 304 or 316 stainless steel or corrosion resistant special painted according to your project requirements.

Special material / painting applications other than galvanized steel can be applied not only for panels, but also for components such as filters, heat exchangers, coil frames, fan frames or condensation pans inside the Air Handling Unit.


ATC Air Handling Units are completely designed according to your project requirements. Among its distinctive features; flexible design possibilities, very high energy efficiency standards, Eurovent approved “lowest air leakage (L1) and highest mechanical strength (D1)” and low noise levels stand out.

Our Air Handling Units have a long-lasting and durable structure with specially designed aluminum profiles. Special panel-profile connection structure with snap seals makes service and maintenance processes very easy.

In our Millennium Line serie, Eurovent approved T2 Thermal Conductivity and TB2 Thermal Bridging Factor are provided by panels with 50 mm thickness and 150 kg/m3 rock wool insulation, profiles without thermal bridging and special assembly structure.

In projects that do not require high thermal insulation, we can offer a more economical solution with our Comfort Line series air handling units. (T4,TB4,L1,D1)

Heat Recovery Units


ATC Air Handling Units are designed to meet all the ventilation requirements for commercial and industrial buildings meeting with current standards for construction and operation. 

Different than standard catalog products; ATC Air Handling Units provide a very wide range of products and reliable solutions for several purposes.

Some of The Application Types;

  • Air Handling Units with High Efficient Heat Recovery
  • Air Handling Unit with %100 Fresh Air
  • Air Handling Units with Mixing Air
  • Hygienic Air Handling Units
  • Air Handling Units with DX Coil

Considering the conditions of the age we live in, we all have a very high responsibility towards the environment. At this point, energy consumption is one of the most sensitive and important points of almost any design.

As ATC, we are also aware of this responsibility. We are proud to be able to offer you the most efficient Heat Recovery, EC Fan and Automation solutions to reduce energy consumption.

Energy Recovery

ATC Air Handling Units offer a wide range of energy recovery options according to the heat and moisture recovery needs in your projects.

  • Highly efficient counter-flow hexagonal heat exchanger
  • Plated cross-flow heat exchanger
  • Rotary wheel heat exchanger
    • Condensation rotor
    • Enthalpy/ hygroscopic rotor
    • Sorption rotor
  • Run around coil (RAC) systems
Air Handling Units Selection Tools

Selection Tool

Thanks to our Eurovent approved selection program, you can make your own selections very easily and flexibly.

Each ATC air handling unit is a customized product. Working closely with its customers, ATC Air Trade Centre develops demand-based units that take the relevant criteria for each project. Thanks to ATC’s HVAC CALCULATOR SOFTWARE, approved by Eurovent, all components ideally complement each other, and customers can expect the excellent quality. ATC provides the best solution for virtually every application situation.

ATC’s HVAC CALCULATOR SOFTWARE is the innovative technology and software platform. The best advantage of this tool is, that service is accessible wherever in the world. Any device equipped with web-browser and internet access is all you need to experience the power of ATC AHU Selection Software.

Control Panel

Depending on the unit type and customers’ wishes, all air handling units can be equipped with a built-in or an external control panel. The software of these control panels can be our in-house free-programmable software or standard package programs.

In case of any emergency, we can connect to your system with a remote connection and provide service quickly.

A Closer Look



%30 glass fibre reinforcement ABS material, specifically fit to aluminum profiles



  • 50 mm thickness
  • 0.8 mm galvanized internal sheet metal
  • 0.8 mm powder coated external sheet metal
  • 150 kg/m³ rock wool insulation


Thermal break aluminum profiles


Control Panel

Integrated or external


Observation Glass

Round or rectangular


Snap-fit Sealing

  • Squeezes the panels to the profiles
  • Supplies the best air leakage level around the panel edges
  • Ensures that the panels can be demounted&mounted without deformation

Base Frame / Feet

  • 2.5 mm galvanized steel metal thickmess
  • Feet or base frame options at different heights according to the project requirement
  • Big holes for easy handling.

Coil Connections



  • Hight strength durable material
  • Easy open/close
  • Strong squeezing for the best air tigtness


  • Aluminum frame
  • Aluminum blades
  • With or without automatic actuator

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