ATC Air Trade Centre will be showcasing its latest technology

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ATC Air Trade Centre will be showcasıng its latest technology and innovations at this year’s autumn exhibition s in Istanbul and Baku.

Leading the market by providing durable HVAC solutions, developing and manufacturing of energy efficient and high quality air handling units as well as other related products, ATC will be showcasing its latest technology and innovations at these year’s autumn exhibitions in Istanbul and Baku. Customers can discover the world of ATC at the ISK

It has been reported that peoples spent more than 90% of their time encapsulated inside something – buildings and modes of transport. Modern INDOOR GENERATION spend this time breathing in unhealthy, sometimes toxic air that builds up as a result of poor ventilation. ATC Air Trade Centre is highly aware of the seriousness and the magnitude of the situation and continuously hardly working in order to reduce the harmful effects of indoor living.

With its never-ending investments to the new technologies, efforts for sustainable environment, ATC Air Trade Centre continuously develop and improve its products and solutions in order to maximize the quality of indoor air, the quality of indoor life and health. Advanced technology and outstanding innovations make ATC’s solutions an exciting system for sustainable well-being.

“As a manufacturer who focuses on customer satisfaction, environmental issues and the health of indoor spaces, ATC is using ‘HEALTH that creates true HAPPINESS AND SUSTAINABILITY’ as the main guiding concept in the development of its units” says Gebro Kılıç, Managing Director of ATC Air Trade Centre. The main features of the units and solutions, which are going to be presented in the exhibitions includes the following: low leakage, heat recovery, energy-efficient motors, intelligent control technology and many others. Easy installation and maintenance, seamless integration with modern building management systems, focus on excellent, capability of the most demanding delivery times provides ATC’s customers with many advantages.

Fortified with valuable knowledge, adopting perfectness as the main pillar, we strive to become an excellent partner for climate products and solutions by a combination of our eager to challenging our limits and over 25 years of engineering knowledge in sales and manufacturing. We invite you to discover the world of ATC Air Trade Centre at the ISK SODEX Istanbul, held between 2 and 5 October and at AQUATHERM Baku on 22 to 25 October 2019


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