Clean Indoor Air: necessity or luxury

The indoor environment has a significant and important impact on human health, since we spend 90% of our time indoors.

By Irina Gulay / ATC Air Trade Centre Corporate Marketing Executive

It has been reported (and often quoted) by YouGov, that we spend 90% of our time encapsulated inside something – buildings and modes of transport mostly. Note: YouGov – global public opinion and data company, located in the UK. The scary thing and the truth is, that only 18 % of people believe they spend 21 hours or more inside. We spend this time breathing in unhealthy, sometimes toxic air that builds up as a result of poor ventilation. The air in our homes, offices, gyms, cinemas, theaters and restaurants where we spent our days while eating, sleeping, working, talking and living, is 5 times as polluted as the air from outside and Children’s bedrooms can often be the most polluted rooms in the house.

How does the air indoors get so bad?

The air indoors is basically the same as outside air, with added pollution from all the materials around us. Anything from paint and cleaning products, to furniture and upholstery, to plastic toys and carpets, can trap dust and become a pollutant. 

It is estimated, that in a non-ventilated room in one liter of air, up to 300 thousand dust particles (size of each 0.5 microns) are accumulating. With exhaling, only 75-80 thousand of those are getting return back to the atmosphere and the rest are settling in our body in its bronchi. Since we inhale about 1.5-2 liters of air at a one time, almost 400 thousand micro particles of dust and aerosol are retained in our respiratory system. In total, daily around 7-9 thousand liters of air are passing through the human lungs, being at rest, and 6-8 times more doing physical activity. It looks that our ventilation system has to involuntarily “recycle” over 30 million particles of micro-dirt. Generally, the medical films of miners’ lungs are the black.  Nowadays black pigment is start to be seen with urbans. Quite impressive, isn’t it!

Black pigment is start to be seen in lungs of ordinary urban!

In order to reduce the harmful effects of indoor living there are some quick and relatively easy solutions, such as take opportunities to go outside every day #gogreen, let in fresh air at least three or four times a day, control over the use of building materials and using more sustainable materials #sustainablefuture, avoid harmful chemicals, clean indoor regularly. 

Being aware of the seriousness and the magnitude of the situation, we at ATC Air Trade Centre cannot ignore the health of our indoor spaces. With our never-ending investments to the new technologies, efforts for sustainable environment, we continuously develop and improve our products and solutions in order to maximize the quality of indoor air, the quality of indoor life and health.  Advanced technology and outstanding innovations make our solutions an exciting system for sustainable well-being.

We are working to improve indoor life and make it healthier! 




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