• Stable air flowindoors and outdoors

    More effective with variable controlled fans

    Our variety of fans combined with AC and EC motors, offering highest aerodynamical efficiency.


ATC offers the widest product range from domestic energy saving fans with EC motors to vertical fans with
high discharge height that are specifically designed for laboratory projects. The products listed in our site
constitute only a portion of our complete range. Please contact us for more.


Circular and Rectangular Duct Fans

Special purpose, maintenance free fans with long life bearings provide efficient operation with mixed flow impellers and constant deflectors can be used at offices, schools and shopping centers.

Duct fans product family is as follows:

  • Standard duct fans
  • EC Motor Equipped Duct Fans
  • ExProof Duct Fans
  • Kitchen Hood Duct Fans
  • Corrosion Resistant Duct Fans
  • Duct Fans with Heaters


Horizontal and Vertical Discharge Fans

Available for use in horizontal and vertical discharge conditions, roof fans offer higher performance and efficiency with EC motor options.. Suitable for use in warehouses, stores, workshop, factories and commercial buildings.

Roof Fans product line in this category:

  • Standard Roof Fans – Horizontal Discharge
  • Standard Roof Fans – Vertical Discharge
  • EC Motor Equipped Roof Fans – Horizontal Discharge
  • EC Motor Equipped Roof Fans – Vertical Discharge
  • Kitchen Hood Roof Fans – Vertical Discharge
  • Roof Type Fresh Air Fans
  • Smoke Exhaust Roof Fans
  • Corrosion Resistant Roof Fans
  • ExProof Roof Fans


Compact Design and Easy Assembly

Axial fans stand out with their low energy requirements as well as properties such as easy assembly, compact dimensions and low noise levels.

Axial Fans product family are listed as:

  • Standard Temperature Axial Fans
  • Smoke Exhaust Axial Fans (F300 / F400)
  • Bifurcated Axial Fans (90°C / 230°C)
  • ExProof Axial Fans – Duct Type
  • ExProof Axial Fans – Wall Mounted


Isolated Body and High Efficiency

ATC cabinet type fans with EC motor options provide the most advantageous product line especially for residential projects.

The complete product line has isolated body and optionally can work outdoors.

Cabinet Type Fans in this Category:

  • Standard Cabinet Type Fans –Speed Switch Controlled
  • Standard Cabinet Type Fans – Frequency Converter Controlled
  • EC Motor Equipped Cabinet Type Fans
  • Fire Resistant Kitchen Exhaust Fans


Various Fans – Wall or ceiling mounted

Domestic fans, specially designed for bathrooms and any domestic application in residences, offices, shopping centers etc., stand out with their fast delivery times, silent operation and maintenance free long life.

Domestic Fans product family is as follows:

  • Wall & Ceiling Mounted Axial Fans
  • Wall & Ceiling Mounted Centrifugal Fans
  • Duct Type Bathroom Fans
  • High Pressure Wall Mounted Fans
  • High Flow Rate Wall Mounted Fans

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