Interview with Yapı Malzeme Journal

“We continue being your best solutions providing partner. The most important factor in this period is to be accessible and to share the correct information. We will continue to offer solutions to our customers that will make life easier in the fastest and most accurate way.

  • ATC Air Trade Centre which has accelerated its activities even more than being compromised during the epidemic period, is one of the companies that adapted early to the new period. “Our biggest goal is to serve our customers at the best level with our new ones in the new environment” said Sadin Tellioğlu, Business Development Manager of ATC Air Trade Centre, in conversation that we discussed to deal with the ‘New Normal’ period and after. What kind of changes did you make in your current business model during the epidemic period?

We have established our business model with all the necessary on-line infrastructure requirements in order to be able to use our office in a fully on-line working environment quickly and actively, while avoiding multiple and crowded environments, especially during the pandemic period. Thanks to this, we offer almost all of our services on-line to our customers. Naturally, our sales team’s visits to customers have come to a minimum. We take all precautions in certain emergencies and certain projects while making site visits and customer visits, so that we are in contact with customers.

  •  What was your main strategy for the new models you developed?

The main strategy of our working model in our environment is to be much faster, more detailed, focused on customer and customer satisfaction. We are utterly careful with the offers that we provide and in the products we deliver in the form that will be least customer tiring manner, open and full of details and facing the least problems. One of our main strategies in this period is that our services are always available and our customer support line is always reachable. We can say that we were successful thanks to this strategy.

  • Could you tell us a little about the new service models that you offered to your customers and business partners in this process?

We hold meetings using various on-line platforms and tools inside and outside the organization. We organize communication, planning, necessary controls and evaluations quickly and efficiently.

  • What kind of preparations do you have for the ‘New Normal’ period, in which everyone waits with hope after the epidemic and some sectors start to implement step by step?

We also believe in the sentence “Nothing will be the same as before” that be voiced frequently. Much more digital, much faster and data-driven the ‘New Normal’ era began quickly for all of us. For the past few months, as ATC Air Trade Centre, we have tested an on-line and more digital business model and our colleagues have taken a very easy going stance. From now on, we believe that all our business processes will be more digital. We shape our position, strategies and steps accordingly.

  • In my opinion, your business partners should start prepared in the same way as well as you. In this sense, are there any solutions you have developed jointly with your business partners?

Although we will not come together in a physical environment, we all actively use the new digital format with our business partners and customers. We will continue to use it from now on. As I said before, the most important factor in this period is to be accessible and to share the correct information. We will continue to offer our customers solutions that will make life easier in the fastest and most accurate way.

Klima Santralleri

  • Each crisis brings some opportunities. What kind of opportunities do you think could bring out in this post-epidemic sector experienced globally? Do you have a plan that you developed for the opportunities you expect as a company?

Being reliable is one of our most important values in the period of pandemic and insecurity. As ATC Air Trade Centre, we continue to be the brand that produces the best solutions in HVAC applications that are sensitive to human health and environment, ethical, reliable and focused on customer satisfaction. We produce more detailed, more reliable and at the same time much faster solutions to the demands of our customers or in the projects we work with. Thus, we have increased the reliability and loyalty of our company and our brand even more in the last period. As a positive effect, even we caught a level higher than normal business volume. Production in our factory in Izmir continues at full speed without stopping for a minute. Our colleagues in factory continue to produce with full devotion by taking all necessary precautions, training and drills. Easy adaptation to new living and working conditions, correct and fast response to the requests of customers, following-up of the customers made a very important difference between ATC Air Trade Centre and other companies of in this period. Companies that adapt to new conditions, coordinate all processes well and make their customers happy will continue to win.

  • As final words, what do you want to add?

We hope that all humanity will get over this period in a healthy way, with minimal damage. We, as a company, are taking important steps to continue increasing more on-line service level. Our biggest goal is to serve to our customers at the best level with our new innovative solutions in the new environment. We hope to adapt to the new normal in the fastest way and all humanity will have healthy days.

Klima Santralleri