Cooling Capacity from 217kW to 1047kW

    Specially designed construction provides wider cooling surface and capacity. White and black panel color options are available.


Samsun VRF system air conditioners contain perfectly designed cooling and heating products with energy consumption and high performance.


Samsung DVM-S Series Outdoor Units

Samsung DVM-S outdoor units helps you keep costs under control by providing best performance and efficiency, as well as ensure healthy and comfortable environments in residential and commercial applications.

Samsung DVM-S Outdoor Units product families are as follows:

  • Standard High EER Modulation
  • Compact Space Saving Modulation
  • DVM-S HR Series Products
  • DVM-S Water Series Products
  • DVM-S Eco Series Products

Samsung DVM-S has smart technologies that provide first class energy savings and low costs. DVM-S has 13% higher Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) and 4% higher European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating compared to standard models. Samsung’s superior efficiency ratings are outstanding.


Embrace the comfort at home or at work

Samsung internal units add aesthetics to any space with their simple and elegant design while satisfying your requirements with high performance. The thin and rounded design of the unit constitute a modest look at the same level with the ceiling. The innovative design developed with outstanding blade technology, provides high performance and ease of use without compromising from quality.

Samsung indoor units products in this category:

  • Cassette type, blower air conditioners
  • Duct type air conditioners
  • Fresh air conditioners with ducts
  • Wall mount air conditioners
  • Console type air conditioners
  • Ground-ceiling type air conditioners
  • Ceiling type air conditioners
  • Concealed floor type air conditioners


Elegant Design, Functional Use

Samsung VRF air conditioners are controlled either individual or central control systems, based on usage requirements. You can control indoor unit parameters such as temperature, fan speed, mode with a wireless remote or a wired remote with touch screen.

You can plan and control your systems up to 128 devices daily with the elegantly designed central control unit with LCD touch screen.

A computer connected system will enable you to control, plan and track up to 256 internal units with a single control unit. Additionally, by using an interface module, you can control from automation systems such as BACNet, LonWorks etc.


All in one: Heating, cooling, hot and cold water.

Samsung all-in-one solutions are the ultimate point in energy efficiency in buildings where heating, cooling, hot and cold water are needed. The VRF systems designed with the Samsung Hydro Unit ensure most efficient usage of energy by providing heating, cooling, ventilation, as well as hot and cold water with a single system.

Hydro units enable control of pumps, temperature sensors, 3-way motorized valves and thermostat by means of the I/O terminals.


More energy savings with ERV Plus.

As the number of people that are infected by the contaminants from the air increase, indoor air quality gathers more and more importance.  Syndromes related to buildings such as asthma, headaches and nausea are generally linked to contaminants of indoor air.

Samsung Energy Recovery Ventilators air conditioners minimize energy loss while supplying fresh, healthy air from outside. Its smart structure contains special characteristics for flawless ventilation and efficient operation.

Samsung ERV and ERV Plus, provide outstanding heating and cooling performance throughout the year…

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