Avoid high heating costs : Is your public space ready for winter?

Do you have a bar or restaurant, a waiting room or a (public) space where the CO2 value sometimes exceeds 900ppm? Are you already at the CO2 limit with opened windows and/or doors?  Does your establishment have to lock down or are you just looking for an energy-friendly solution?

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For years, air quality has been a concern for anyone concerned with public health. Poorly ventilated rooms can cause health problems and are a paradise for viruses. Contamination occurs through the emission of virus particles – aerosols – that travel, surf or taxi, via the minuscule pollutants in the air. And of course, the busier the room, the more people there are, the greater the chance of indoor climate contamination. 

CO2 METERS Everyone knows them by now, they are mandatory or strongly recommended in public places in Belgium. We place meters in the rooms where we want to control the indoor climate, to estimate how high the risk is that the aerosols can move easily. The lower the CO2 value, the more difficult it is for the virus particles to spread, so the lower the risk of infection.

VENTILATION – In recent years, especially in new buildings, a great deal of effort has been put into ventilation. Ventilation takes place via a ventilation device and ensures that fresh air, with outside air quality, is brought in in a controlled way. A ventilation system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For energy reasons, it is increasingly common to heat the outside air with the energy from the polluted air that is extracted from the house.

REFRESHING – For years, we have been opening windows and doors to get fresher, purer indoor air. In the summer it can be pleasant to refresh a room, in the winter we tend to keep the windows and doors closed because of the coldness. Ventilation is usually only done for a few hours a day and is uncontrolled because it depends on the weather. Moreover, in winter it can be irresponsible from an energy point of view. It’s best to ventilate only as an emergency solution.

PURIFIERS – Air cleaners purify the air by removing minute pollutants from the indoor air. There are various types on the market. Most devices consist of filters that can capture microscopic particles and odours. Recently, we see more and more UV light-based purifiers. Ultraviolet light is used to kill or neutralise micro-organisms.

ATC AIR TRADE CENTRE – Some buildings do not allow ventilation systems, in other buildings you cannot open the windows… Every situation is different, every building has its advantages and disadvantages, the best solution is not predetermined. That is why it is important to look at the whole picture. Recent changes in our legislation provide for affordable and interesting solutions, also for the smaller entrepreneurs in Belgium.

As manufacturer of ventilation appliances and air cleaners, we look at your personal situation and work together towards a solution tailored to your situation. 


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