Bespoke Air Handling Units

specifically designed according to your project requirements

ATC Air Handling Units

Efficient, Economical and Safe

ATC Air Handling Units offer you the most efficient, economical and safe air handling unit solution, inspired by years of heating, cooling and ventilation systems expertise. Strong construction comes from specially designed aluminum profiles and noise and thermal insulating panels at 50 mm thickness.

ATC Air Handling Units owe their high corrosion resistance to its favored design as well as component and assembly quality that eliminates condensation odds. Easy maintenance and servicing abilities remove operation troubles.

Service doors, panels, lighting and observation window accessories provide ultimate control at your hands. The device can be easily moved thanks to the carrying handles placed outside the unit.

What is available?

  • Tailor-made Air Handling Units specifically designed according to your project requirements.
  • ErP 2016 & 2018 and Eurovent compliant design
  • Alternative casing options for different requirements (Millennium Line / Premium Line)
  • High air volume applications
  • Turnkey and Built-in control panel equipped with air quality sensors
  • Different material options for components and panels
  • Accessories that make the maintenance process easier and safer ( lighting, observation glass, door protection, maintenance switch )
  • Fast and customer-oriented after sales support
ATC Dehumidifier

ATC Dehumudifier

Optimal Comfort Around the Pool

ATC Dehumidifier Air Handling Unit is the special unit designed to provide extreme moisture removal from surface evaporation in indoor swimming pools and optimum comfort throughout the pool year round. Relative humidity above 60% causes not only harm to the comfort conditions but also causes condensation and damages on the walls, windows and all installations in the area.

Dehumidifier Air Handling Unit power stations are packaged type air conditioner units designed to ensure the highest comfort conditions within the pool area and to eliminate high absolute humidity where necessary. As the Dehumidifier Air Handling Unit is built up with a cooling group, an electric control panel and programmable automatic control equipment, which do not require any additional control units, you can use as just ‘PLUG IN & PUSH THE BUTTON!’


For offices and industrial applications

Custom Made
Heat Recovery Units

Heat Recovery Units

Bespoke Type Commercial Heat Recovery Units

  • Heat recovery units are supply and exhaust systems supplying filtered and conditioned (If requested) fresh air into a building whilst extracting indoor air from the service area.
  • Heat recovery units have different heat recovery components such as counter-flow, cross-flow, rotary wheel exchangers or run around coils.
  • When needed a heat recovery system can be equipped with the built-in, plug & play control panels.
  • As ATC Air Trade Centre we have both tailor made and also packaged type heat recovery units. Each units are ErP 2016 & 2018 compliant. For the tailor made heat recovery units, please contact with our sales team.

Compact Type
Heat Recovery Units

Heat Recovery Units

Package Type Commercial Heat Recovery Units

  • ATC package type commercial heat recovery units are equipped with the highest efficient counter-flow exchangers with an efficiency about 90%.
  • Each unit is equipped with high efficient EC fans.
  • Thanks to the 5 different control modes and optional sensors of the plug & play built-in control panel, ATC packaged type heat recovery units provide the highest efficiency in today’s technology and make the air healthier and comfortable in your living spaces.
  • Each units are ErP 2016 & 2018 compliant.


  • Vertical or Horizontal Unit
  • Electrical Pre- Heater
  • Water Cooling and/or Water Heating Coil
  • Auto change-over coils
  • DX Coil
  • 5 different control modes ( standard control, CO2control, constant flow, control constant pressure control, constant flow CO2 control )
  • Mechanical and Electrical Accessories

DX Battery Equipped

Superior cooling, inferior costs

DX Batteries provide discharge of heat to the atmosphere by transfer from the evaporator to the refrigerant with a cooling medium. The refrigerant is evaporated directly at the heat transfer source.

Advantages of DX Battery Equipped Air Handling Units

-Losses are minimal compared to conventional systems
-Higher cooling coefficients, lower operating costs
-Low setup time
-Lower maintenance cost compared to other systems
-Assembly effort and cost advantage
-Lower operating costs for heating and cooling
-Heating and cooling can be done with a single outdoor VRF unit (heat pump).
-Provides easy and fast solution to small and medium sized facilities with a single investment.
-No risk of frozen coils
-Local control enables only required power consumption
-No energy loss from cooling pipes: a general problem with conventional systems
-Longer life than conventional systems
-Low noise levels

Standard DX battery frame is made of galvanized steel sheets. The exchanger block is made of copper tubes and aluminum fins.

Exchanger Design Choices:
-Frame: Galvanized steel (Epoxy coating), aluminum (Al Mg), stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316
-Tubes: Copper
-Fins: Aluminum, epoxy coated aluminum
-Collectors: Copper

DX batteries can be designed for the refrigerants: R314a (C2H2F4), R152a (C2H4F2), R404A (mixture), R407C (mixture), R410A (mixture) or R32 (mixture)

Guide rails are assembled into the units to enable easy removal of batteries for cleaning and maintenance. DX batteries are placed inside the unit with a condensation pan including a 32mm diameter drain pipe.


ATC AirPure Unit

Smart Innovative Technology; breathe in air that is clean and healthy!

Air Purification

ATC AirPure units are specifically designed for cleaning and purification of indoor air, in any type of premises and especially in areas with high occupancy, also suitable for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.

Filtration technology and unique vertical design of the UVC germicidal lamps make ATC AirPure efficient and one of the best solution to combat airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria.

ATC Ecology Unit

Industrial air purifiers that suit the most challenging environments.

Air Trade Centre, as an integrated producer of HVAC solutions with over 25 years experience in the sector, offers the most efficient and durable solutions in the most demanding commercial kitchen and industrial facility applications. Main components of these units are; filters, fan and control panel. Filter groups are selected according to the characteristics of the project and the main filter types are ; Electrostatic Filter, Cartridge Activated Carbon Filter, UV Filter and Ozone Generator. In addition, metal filters and bag filters could be added to support the system.

General Properties

  • Efficiency values have been tested and approved by third party laboratories with different particle sizes and both single stage and double stage electrostatic filters.
  • Blade type ionizers have durable design to keep integrity during maintenance. Does not require renewal / maintenance.
  • The extra depth of collectors provides both higher efficiency and a higher oil collection capacity.
    Ceramic insulators are completely isolated from the air flow, thus protected against thermal ageing and dirt. This allows filter efficiency to stay the same as time advances.
  • Thanks to its ability to be easily connected to the BMS, our control panel offers the opportunity to be remotely controlled or operated simultaneously with other devices.

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